Fall 2017 Enrollment

In order to facilitate classroom planning for the new school year, we would request if you have a child who will be attending our school this fall for the first time, to please fill out the registration form attached to the Feb 2017 Orange Courier (both sides) and return it to school before March 3, 2017.
This is a required document for the government to verify eligible students for the provincial operating grant. We have made a slight change to the form. We are requesting both parents to sign the registration form, both giving consent to enrollment at WOCS. Birth certificates, citizenship papers, etc. required for student files will be gladly photocopied for you at the school office. In compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act, this information is gathered for office use only.
The public health nurse has also requested the Immunization History form be completed at time of registration. These forms will then be forwarded to the school’s public health nurse. If you have declined vaccinations, please indicate this on the form. This will save the health nurse from some follow-up phone calls.